Vacation Rocks!

Hi crafty friends~

This was last nights sunset on my way home from work. The clouds here in CO are amazing. I’m serious! I must take at least 3 pics of sunsets every week (different days)!

So I start vacation as of 6pm today👍🏻. I was accepted into a craft market here in Lafayette for the end of the month, so I will be sharing my pictures of preparation over this next week! I am super excited! I have never been in a craft market before!  So if anyone has any ideas or tips, please let me know! I was hoping to sell my handmade items (mostly cards and stationary) and possibly Stampin’ Up products also on the side.

Here is a few pics of the clouds on Friday evening- truly a gift….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My daughter leaves for Florida in the morning to visit grandma and grandpa! I will be crafting and preparing all week during my vacation so look for posts!! Happy Tuesday all! I’ll leave you with a few card pics 😉



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